Six Things Your Interior Decorator in Kolkata Does Not Want You to Have in Your Home

Every leading interior decorator in Kolkata will give you a long list of “must-have” items that deserve to be inside your home. They range from comfortable seating to cozy rugs to LED lighting arrangements. But, what about the “must-not-have” items? 

That’s right, every leading interior decorator in Kolkata can also give you a long list of home décor items and features that have no business being inside your home. In this article, we list six things that your interior decorator in Kolkata does NOT want you to have in your home.

#1. Patterned Pillows and Sheets Inside Bedrooms 

While we all love pillows, covers, and sheets that come with exuberant patterns and designs, they can easily overwhelm your mind. That is why interior decorators prefer using simple, solid-colored pillows and sheets inside bedrooms. These simple items don’t overload the eyes and make for a more soothing environment.

#2. Too Many Pillows Spoil the Couch 

Pillows are cheap, low-effort items that anyone can buy and use as accessories. That is why buying too many pillows is an all too common mistake that many homeowners make. The end results are typically overcrowded and uncomfortable couches. 

Instead, homeowners should stick to no less than three pillows per couch. Buy more as and when you need more in the future. But, don’t overload on pillows when shopping for accessories. 

#3. Countertops Stacked with Appliances 

We all love the idea of having a kitchen countertop that is equipped with all the necessary appliances like, coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, dishwashers, and more. The same goes for bathroom countertops and appliances like towel warmers, soap dispensers, or toothbrush holders.

Unfortunately, a lot of these appliances turn out to be mostly useless in the long run. All they do is make your kitchen and bathroom countertops feel cluttered. The quickest way to add a sense of calmness to such over-cluttered spaces is to empty the countertops.

Finding a hiding spot for toasters, pots, blenders, juicers, and other appliances when they’re not in use. Never keep more than two to three usable yet decorative items on your countertops. In fact, don’t even go through the hassle of buying such items unless you absolutely need them.

#4. Electronic Devices Everywhere 

Although electronic devices play essential roles in most of our lives, they’re not always visually appealing. A living room table full of multiple electronic devices is not something you want to see after a hard day’s work. 

That is why savvy interior decorators advise homeowners to use large flat drawers and cabinets to store these items when they are not in use. Keep your laptops and gaming consoles safely out of view. Bring them out only when you’re using them.

#5. Installing Heavy Curtains

Heavy drapery and curtains can make your room feel teen times stuffier than it usually is on a normal day. Interior decorators in Kolkata always have to design spaces keeping the hot temperature in mind. So, they strongly advise against the use of curtains and window treatments that feature layers upon layers of fabric. 

#6. Overhead and Bright-White Lighting

Bright-white overhead lighting may illuminate your rooms. But it may also make your home feel like a dull and uninviting office space. That is why installing a variety of lighting fixtures at varying heights is a much better solution.

Staying Error-Free with the Best Interior Decorators in Kolkata

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