How the Best Interior Designers in Kolkata are Reinvigorating Office Spaces in the Era of Remote Work

It has been over three years since companies reopened their offices. However, many offices in the city are still struggling to attract and satisfy their workforce. That is why several local businesses are turning to the best interior designers in Kolkata.

Commercial interior designers humanize workplaces. They create well-balanced workspaces that offer comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.

In other words, commercial interior designers hold the key to creating inviting workspaces in this post-pandemic era of remote work. In this article, we will explore what the best interior designers in Kolkata are doing to make workspaces great again!

Designing for Wellbeing

According to a recent Gallup study, worldwide happiness levels hit a record low in 2023. The study claims that most workers feel more stressed now than they did at the height of the pandemic. That is why the best interior designers in Kolkata are focused on designing spaces that promote physical and mental well-being for both workers and customers.

Designing for optimal ventilation. incorporating more natural light sources and plants. Incorporating touchless technologies: these are just some of the steps top interior designers are taking to design spaces that stimulate productivity and mental well-being.

Flexible Office Layouts

Are open-plan office spaces safe for workers in the post-pandemic era? Yes, they are. But, that doesn’t mean all workers prefer them. Some like to operate in private spaces. Several leading designers are moving toward more hybrid office layouts to address their needs. These layouts feature both open and private spaces.

Plus, contrary to popular belief, the best interior designers in Kolkata do not need to spend exorbitant amounts of money to add privacy to open office spaces. They use simple and cost-effective solutions like:

  • Installing simple cubicle dividers made of fabric or wood.
  • Hang curtains or blinds to create a sense of privacy.
  • Installing furniture items that come with built-in privacy features, like desks with built-in file cabinets.
  • Installing acoustic panels to improve the acoustics of the workspace.

These strategic solutions add privacy and order to communal workspaces.

Creating a Coherent Theme and Sticking to It

A top commercial interior designer will always start projects with a clear theme in mind. By following this coherent theme, the designer will ensure consistency throughout the workspace:

  • Consistent Lighting and Color Palettes: Striking a balance between the lighting fixtures and the paint color palette is the key to creating cohesive commercial spaces. Designers choose lighting arrangements that complement the lighting to create a specific mood/atmosphere in the workspace.
  • Composition of Tables, Desks, and Cabins: The composition of all the desks, tables, and cabins inside workspaces is a subtle aspect of commercial design. The way these items are placed and designed has an impact on the workflow and the level of cooperation inside the workspace. Designers manipulate the size, style, and placement of these items to boost employee morale and productivity.

Designing Break-Out Spaces

Break-out spaces are spaces where employees get to relax, refresh, and “break out” of stress. In the post-pandemic era, these types of spaces have become essential in commercial design. Here are some simple examples of break-out spaces in commercial spaces:

  • Lounge areas with comfortable seating
  • Game rooms
  • Soundproofed quiet rooms
  • Media rooms equipped with TVs and comfortable seating
  • Wellness rooms equipped with meditation cushions, massage chairs, etc.

The Best Interior Designers in Kolkata Love to Customize

Lastly, and most importantly the best interior designers in Kolkata always collaborate with their clients. At Aalap Elevation, our design experts consider a long list of factors including traffic flow, ergonomics of the existing workspace, and the brand identity to deliver personalized interior design solutions.

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