6 Blunders Every Interior Designer Company in Kolkata Wants You to Avoid

The prospect of redesigning your first home can be both exciting and intimidating. Unless you team up with a top interior designer company in Kolkata, you are bound to get many decisions wrong. In this article, we will discuss the biggest errors people make when designing their interior spaces for the first time.

Of course, your interior designer company in Kolkata will help you avoid these blunders. Still, knowing about these potential loopholes before you launch your home redesign project can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Here are 6 errors every top interior designer company in Kolkata wants you to avoid:

1. Not Identifying What You Hate

Having a hard time deciding what types of interior design styles and features you love? Why don’t you list the things you hate first? Here are some of the interior design styles, features, and practices that most homeowners generally hate:

  • Overcrowding and not leaving enough breathing room in your interior spaces.
  • Setting up too many furniture items and appliances.
  • Creating room layouts that disregard the flow of traffic in your interior spaces.
  • Uninspired lighting arrangements that make your space feel lifeless.
  • A design style that does not reflect your personality.

As a homeowner, you should never surround yourself with things you don’t wish to see on a daily basis. So, think of all the possible interior design styles/features/practices you dislike and relay that information to your designers.

2. Rushing the Process

Many homeowners make the mistake of panicking and purchasing whatever is available during their home redesign projects. Rushing the design project can lead to many future expenses. Avoid the mistake of making impulsive decisions and formulate a clear vision for your space, long before the redesign project is launched.  

3. Choosing Temporary Trends Over Your Instincts

Chasing trends is not a smart move in the world of interior design. Your home is your castle and it deserves to be customized to suit your needs, not the latest trends in the interior design market.

4. Not Focusing on Buying Strategic Accessories  

Imagine you have two sofas. You cover one with black upholstery and the other with white leather. Add a couple of black and white striped cushions into the mix and you have a highly unique sofa setup! There are several other strategic purchases that you can make to boost the style of your interior spaces without running up the bills. They include:

  • Installing large-sized mirrors with metal frames to make your rooms feel larger and classier.
  • Using small plants to add freshness to rooms.
  • Using light-colored rugs to add texture and warmth to the living room.
  • Using comfy throw pillows to make your furniture items stand out.
  • Replacing standard tables with multi-functional tables that come with drawers for storing books, newspapers, and other items.

Consider creating an in-depth home accessory strategy before you launch your home redesign project.

5. Not Prioritizing Comfort

A visually stunning home will impress people only if it offers maximum comfort. To put comfort at the forefront of your interior design strategy, take simple steps like:

  • Choose the right furniture items that are designed to deliver comfort.
  • Use sofa covers, sheets, and curtains made of soft fabrics like velvet or cotton.
  • Add plenty of pillows in each room.
  • Make sure the space is well-ventilated; consider installing fans or air purifiers to promote healthier air circulation.

6. Not Experimenting with Your Interior Designer Company in Kolkata

Never refrain from experimenting with new designs or styles, especially if you have a top interior designer company in Kolkata by your side.

At Aalap Elevation, our design experts can help you innovate with design styles and techniques while staying within your budgetary restrictions! 

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