4 Trends Every Interior Designer in Kolkata is Excited About in 2023

In the world of interior design, it doesn’t take much time for the pendulum to swing from one extreme to another. Many trends come, and many go. Few manage to impress every top-rated interior designer in Kolkata. Let’s discuss these special trends that are set to dominate the interior design sector in 2023 and beyond.

#1. The Unstoppable Rise of Earth Tones

Nature has an intrinsic calming effect. Every top interior designer in Kolkata knows this. That is why they have prioritized subtle colors like sage, olive, caramel, clay, and navy for a long time. Just like nature, subtle earth-tone colors too have something warm and inviting about them. They offer a calming escape from the pandemonium of the outside world.

If you are not planning to paint your walls in earth-tone colors, no worries. Savvy interior designers have other ways to add subtle earth-tone colors to your home’s interior spaces:

  • Using items made of wood, stone, wicker, and other natural materials in your décor.
  • Adding leafy plants to your space to harmonise your home’s earth tone palette.
  • Use textiles (curtains, pillows, rugs, blankets, etc.) in earth-tone colors.
  • Use pottery, baskets, candles, and decorative accessories that come in subtle earth-tone colors.
  • Choose slightly dim light fixtures that have a subtle and warm glow.

The best thing about the earth tones trend is that there are no rules. Designers and homeowners have plenty of freedom to mix, match, and experiment with different earth tones to create a calming and serene interior space.

#2. Going for Gold

Although nature is the source of all material wealth in the world, there is one form of material wealth that humans love more than nature itself: gold. That’s right, most humans love gold and they are not afraid to display this love via their interior design styles. That is why every top interior designer in Kolkata has had to fulfill the following types of requests in recent years:

  • “Please try painting a gold-colored accent wall or adding gold wallpaper to my living room.”
  • “Can we get mirrors with gold-colored metal frames?”
  • “Using gold-plated light fixtures will make my room feel warmer and more inviting, right?”
  • “If you are adding accessories to my room, can you add accessories that are finished in gold like gold-colored candles or frames?”

Interior designers adhere to most of these requests because they make total sense. Gold finishes are a guaranteed way to make any room feel lux and sophisticated. No wonder this design trend is still strong as ever in 2023!

#3. Maximize Natural Light Exposure

Optimizing the big, bare south-facing windows. Using light-colored paints and finishes.  Installing mirrors that make interior spaces feel larger. Using translucent curtains to let the light filter through. These are just some ways interior designers use natural light to their advantage. This design trend is popular because homeowners love enjoying the benefits of natural light.

#4. Checkerboard Patterns

Checkerboard floor and wall patterns are well and truly back in 2023. Only a few years ago, these patterns were considered to be very “high contrast.” Now, more homeowners are discovering the subtlety and versatility of these patterns. Every top interior designer in Kolkata is also experimenting with Checkerboard floor/wall patterns of different sizes and colors.

What Else is Exciting for Interior Designers in Kolkata?

Another non-design-related trend that is on the minds of every leading interior designer in Kolkata is working within strict budgets. At Aalap Elevation, we have undertaken both residential and commercial interior design projects of varying scales. So far, we’ve been able to work within strict budgetary limitations and still deliver high-quality results for every project!

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